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The owner of the trademark Probotanic is the company Probotanic d.o.o.. Probotanic is a successful Serbian company that deals with the production and packing of natural plant-based, dietetic, cosmetic and other products in the field of phytotherapy, pharmacy and health.

The company was established with a clear vision – to offer natural and healthy plant-based products. The brand Probotanic offers unique products (such as wild oregano essential oil) that have not been present in this form on the market. Customers are our greatest concern - that is why the quality and safety of our products always come first.

All manufacturing processes of the company Probotanic d.o.o. have been awarded the following certificates: HACCP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and HALAL.

The selected products of the company have also been awarded the EU and USA certificates for organic production. The company Probotanic d.o.o. is a member of the national association for the development of organic production – Serbia organica.

The company Probotanic d.o.o. is a recipient of the Excellent SME award that is issued by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce. In 2013 Probotanic d.o.o. received the credit rating A in compliance with the international methodology of the company Bisnode, which ranked the company among the 2% of the best economic entities of Serbia. In 2014 the company's business continued to improve and thus allowed it to be ranked among the 50 most successful companies in Serbia, whereas in 2015 the company received the credit rating AAA as a result of its continuous economic growth.

  • Conducted safety analyses (physicochemical analysis – heavy metal content, organochlorine pesticides content; microbiological analysis – bacteriological and mycological analyses),

  • a special strict production process that is in accordance with food and pharmaceutical standards (100% steam distillation, without any solvents or other chemicals; NO SUBSEQUENT ADULTERATION),

  • selected plant chemotypes (special plant chemotypes whose chemical composition is not unsuitable for internal use),

  • registration of products as dietary supplements,

  • chemical composition in accordance with the standards set by European Pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) (for those products that are in Ph.Eur.)

  • high-quality products produced in accordance with the standards set by the European Pharmacopoeia and other internationally recognized standards, 

  • selected products are of organic origin,

  • 100 % pure products (Microbiological purity, tested for heavy metals and organochlorine pesticides),

  • hand-picked plants obtained and produced from controlled habitats.

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